I've been a resident in the Falls for more than 10 years now, having lived all around the country and in some places where people generally move when they retire, in beautiful cities, some large, some small in Arizona, South Texas, Florida, and California.

Nonetheless, I chose to retire here in Cuyahoga Falls because of the definitive, beautiful seasons, the excellent parks, the friendly people and the Natatorium. With the Downtown Transformation Design-Build Project outlined at the Council meeting on March 20, I can see yet another reason why Cuyahoga Falls can and will be one the finest places in the whole wide wonderful world in which to live.

I would like to applaud Mayor Walters and everyone involved for an excellent proposal, the obvious result of painstaking attention to funding methods, cost and benefit analysis, community input, market research, a broad study of similar projects in cities with similar geography and demographics, and some creative civil engineering. Besides the aesthetic charm it will bring to our downtown area, I can foresee an economic boost the city needs and deserves. I am pleased that Council approved the project on March 27.

James Lloyd Davis,

Cuyahoga Falls