I live in a condo at Northpoint at Hunters Crossing in Cuyahoga Falls. I attended a meeting of the Planning Commission concerning the building of a four-story, 61-unit apartment building between our condo complex and our Reserve condo neighbors. Approximately 40 to 50 people attended this meeting, all of whom were against the request to construct this building. Many issues were discussed, including compounding our water problems, becoming even worse than they are today, cutting down a large amount of trees and many environmental issues, and changing the life of many animals that the citizens involved are very upset about.

At the conclusion, the Planning Commission indicated they have no choice and must approve the project because the applicant has met all of the board's regulations concerning the building of this complex. If 500 citizens of our area indicated they did not want this construction, this would make no difference to the Commission.

All of us live with laws, ordinances, zone regulations, and many rules that were put in place for the good of the citizens in our country, state, county and city. The overwhelming, vast majority of the population acknowledge, accept and agree with these regulations. However, the rules and regulations we are sometimes asked to abide by, are wrong and do not make sense, and citizens ignore them. This has been true for more than 200 years by strong, intelligent people, many holding high office, and are bright citizens, including founders of our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. Martin Luther King and others have been arrested and served jail time, because they were doing what they thought was right.

I hope our Council members and other officials in the city will consider abiding by what the local citizens are asking, by considering not having a four-story, 61-unit apartment building, constructed between two of the most desirable condo complexes in our great city.

Jim Massey, Cuyahoga Falls