The Solon City School District ranks No. 1 in academics in the state of Ohio.

I have started to attend their Board of Education meetings.

I hope to report to the Falls News-Press regarding what Solon does that Cuyahoga Falls could do at zero cost.

The following lists some questions designed to discover the health of any group.

Does the Solon City School District:

1. Define their problems and prioritize their potential solutions?

2. Share information to help create trust and respect?

3. Accept fluid roles?

4. Communicate openly to share similarities and differences?

5. Create a shared future - where differences are OK?

6. Reinforce rules and plan changes to encourage useful action with positive results?

7. Invite change to celebrate diversity?

8. Consider cooperation as more important than competition?


All of the above questions use very little money to promote the useful actions and helpful results.

I hope to see how the applications of education in Solon work in concert with healthy groups.

Lou Schott, Cuyahoga Falls