Members of the First Congregational Church, Hudson, have supported Mobile Meals for over six years. As volunteers we deliver meals every week to the homes of individuals in Greater Akron. Many folks we contact are elderly and confined to their home. The meals are prepared in Mobile Meals regional area community metropolitan kitchens. In many respects we are the eyes and ears, a safety net, for folks who are confined to their homes.

Our Federal government, under President Trump, has proposed cutting funding for this important social program, and many similar ones. We believe that, as Christians, we are called to support secular events within our society which strengthen the social fabric of our community. Mobile Meals is a team project supported by our government, non-profit charities and individual initiatives. We urge our legislators to continue Federal funding of this important program.

Our community will be the poorer socially if this program is left to fail. Our tax dollars support Mobile Meals let it continue.

William Libby, Hudson