Warren Buffet famously changed his mind and gifted each of his children $50 million. Why you might ask, because he had a realization that he is not able to take his vast wealth with him when he passes. Why not see the positive impact of his riches in the real world and in present day?

This is what Daniel Gilbert, Lebron et al. should do with the Q, not tax the community to furnish their playground. Soon Cuyahoga County Commissioners will give the green light to taxing the community for the privilege of calling the Cavs our team. Ever since the big wigs marched the Browns to Baltimore, too few politicians have been brave enough to stand up for us, the people.

The new Browns receive more revenue from naming rights for their stadium than they pay to rent it from Cleveland. Now the Cavs are campaigning for a tax instead of being magnanimous altruists. If and when the tax passes I will look a little differently at the Cavaliers 'C' logo, and think of dollars and cents, and less of champions.

William Robinson, Hudson