I like Portage Crossing. It's okay. But I want to love it. Sure, it is aesthetically pleasing and looks great. But the selection of retailers is frankly pathetic. I thought the vape shop was bad enough. Now a mattress store chain (boy we need another one of those in the area) and a dental office chain going up next to the theater. Come on! All of those quite frankly reek of last ditch efforts to fill space. What's next, another one of those check cashing places?

Wasn't one of the goals of the Portage Crossing development to create a destination place? The developer even touts on their website: "A walkable and unique marketplace of national and regional retailers, combined with grocery, entertainment and diverse dining options, make up this distinctive...development." I'm just not seeing it. Not distinctive. Sure it's walkable but what would make anyone want to take a stroll through Portage Crossing? There aren't any "shops" really. Aside from the restaurants, so far it's a collection of "dime a dozen" retailers I would have expected to find in the old State Road Shopping Center.

Marc Hodge, Cuyahoga Falls