I was encouraged to see that someone is finally proposing to save the residents of Stow money instead of attempting to spend dollars the city does not have on dubious ventures that have come to the forefront recently. Councilor Matt Riehl's proposal to eliminate the unneeded primaries will save residents many thousands of dollars going forward. In addition to the cost savings, it will align Stow with at least 20 neighboring communities that do not have primaries for municipal offices.

Additional benefits also include encouraging more residents to consider running for office since it will reduce the overall cost in both time and money since their campaign can focus on just the general election. By having additional residents participate by running for office, we will have a more diverse group of candidates to choose from which is what is needed given the nature of our community. It will allow residents to focus on the message and position of those candidates allowing them to make the best choice possible and reduce the vitriol of primary campaign that tends to focus on personalities rather than issues affecting the community.

Finally, it will reduce the overall length of the campaign season which has been a long-standing complaint in Stow which I heard when I campaigned for office. I encourage everyone to support Councilor Riehl's proposal since it will be a win-win for the residents of Stow and will encourage more participation in Stow elections not less. It will not cause the loss or impairment of voting rights for any voter. In fact, this proposal will empower the residents and give them more choices for their representation.

Larry Kinnan, Stow