Where is the checkbook? Over a year ago, Macedonia Council passed an ordinance to join Ohiocheckbook.com in January 2017. Well, that time has come and gone and I have yet to see any action. As a taxpaying business owner, I'm once again disappointed. Macedonia should take the necessary steps to join Treasurer Josh Mandel's transparency initiative without any further delay.

By posting the state's checkbook online, Mandel first led by example. He then invited all of Ohio's municipalities to follow suit and make their expenditures available to the public. Since then, well over 1,000 local governments and school districts across Ohio have said yes to his invitation and are participating in Ohioheckbook.com. We certainly aren't first to heed the call to transparency at this point, but why risk being among the last?

Obviously, there are many benefits to the initiative. Transparency is a non-partisan issue that everyone can get behind. By posting city finances online, our local leaders have an opportunity to prove to the public that they are being good stewards of our tax money. Or, could there be a reason not to see the monies on hand before the vote to increase the city income tax?

What's more, Mandel's online checkbook earned Ohio the No. 1 ranking in the country for government transparency the past two years. Macedonia should want to be a part of that. It's time Macedonia Council follows through on their promise to the people and joins Ohioheckbook.com. Enough foot-draggin'.

Edward R. Kuchar Sr., CEO Plastic Process Equipment, Macedonia