Well, according to the recent article in the Stow Sentry, it seems like we're still on the Meijer's kick. What a hassle this is becoming. Really - is it worth it?

We (the public) were asked recently in a Facebook post if we wanted a "downtown" in Stow, and if so, what community would it emulate? The overwhelming response was that we indeed wanted a downtown, needed a downtown, and the ideas varied. But the bottom line was that we are living in the past, and need to look at our surrounding communities to emulate. This would fit perfectly in the the Stow-Kent Plaza area - which we all know is an eye-sore.

Yes - we've heard that this one owns this part, and that one owns another part. But, like I've said in response to the Facebook post - what about eminent domain?

Meijer is not the answer to updating our community. And the service station to possibly go with it. Wow...

Sherri Leonardi, Stow