I and many others have read with dismay that Brimfield Trustees (seemingly with the blessing of Tallmadge officials) have voted to rezone Maplecrest Golf Club, once a premier golf course, for commercial and industrial use.

This environmentally irresponsible proposal suggests a Menards and Meijer will be built on this beautiful land. All of this in the name of economic development. According to DeHoff of the development company, "retail likes retail."

There are only so many pieces in the economic pie. Undoubtedly, these stores will negatively impact Lowe's, Walmart, and other existing stores. Meanwhile, Midway Plaza, Macy's, and soon Sears are large, vacant properties.

Why not utilize existing properties rather than bulldoze and destroy this open land?

The vision of the developer and officials, clouded by the desire for money rather than a vision of open land preservation, will create another Montrose with all of its traffic congestion, pollution, water run off, increased crime, etc. We will have another Montrose in those respects but without the upscale housing since the newer housing allotments focus on the "cookie-cutter" style rather than on quality and neighborhood aesthetics. It is indeed unfortunate that such beautiful land will soon become another concrete jungle with all of its subsequent problems.

As Joni Mitchell sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Carol Deeser, Tallmadge