The Turner Classic movie "Operation Crossbow" is a graphic portrayal of how a rogue country (Germany) developed a V2 ballistic missile with unforeseen destructive power. Remember the work of Wernher von Braun during Hitler's reign?

Today, Iran has fired a second long-range rocket, ignoring a U.N. nuclear resolution. Doesn't this question the wisdom of the Iran / U.S. nuclear peace treaty signed by the previous administration?

Was this an impulsive peace and security whim? Can we count on the Ayatollah Khomeini to protect you and me?

As our new president attempts to honor his promises to make our country great again, it won't be easy. Improving law and order, national defense, immigration policies, the economy, education and health care require careful action.

We won't know how much damage the previous administration's appeasement and executive orders have done for months, but we know our country is dangerously divided on many issues and each of us owns a piece of our nearly $20 trillion national debt.

It's a time fraught with protests, danger and mistrust. Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt said, "The only fear we have is fear itself." Back then we were a younger, more innocent nation of immigrants with no jobs, soup / bread lines and huge civic and political problems.

Today, the American Dream has turned into a welfare state with millions depending on government handouts and unfunded entitlements. Millions find solace in liberally tearing apart the fabric of what made American great, totally abhorring conservative thought.

The uncertainty is doubting our institutions, questioning our motto "In God We Trust" and the significance of being an American, the validity of the ballot box and protecting the most important document created by man -- the U.S. Constitution.

Maybe someday we'll understand why we're American citizens and what it means to ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors.

Richard J. Mansell, Aurora