Our School Board is to vote on renewing Superintendent Clark's contract. Consider the following:

The Ohio Elections commission found Clark guilty of violating state election law for asking district employees to donate to a levy campaign. He equated it to running a red light in the middle of nowhere. Does that mean it's okay to break the law if no one is watching? Is this proper leadership to our impressionable children and district staff?

When School Board member Jim Szabo sensed things weren't right about district leadership operations he made a public records request to conduct research. He uncovered emails from Superintendent Clark referring to local citizens as pigs. Is this the behavior you expect from our schools' leader?

The public records uncovered show Superintendent Clark recommending the Board not respond to a district parent's concerns. Is a district employee suggesting his bosses ignore a parent how a superintendent should behave?

What exists in records not yet uncovered? A lot of bad behavior? What's happening behind the scenes is alarming. Thank you Mr. Szabo for uncovering it.

There appears to be a culture that if questioning what district leadership is doing, you get attacked. Is this the tolerance taught to our students?

Superintendent Clark has done some good for our schools. However, district leadership appears to display an ongoing pattern of being dismissive and disrespectful to those who disagree with or challenge them. That has no place in our community. These are our schools, not theirs. Until these issues are resolved, Clark's contract should not be renewed.

Residents should attend the March 20 Board meeting and speak up, otherwise, nothing may change. As Chairperson of Citizens for Strong Nordonia Hills' Schools and a proud parent of two district children, I would urge you to support not renewing Superintendent Clark's contract. Our community and children deserve better.

John E. Brachna, Sagamore Hills