Today when we buy something one of the first things we do is look at the price.

We shop around to find the best deals. Some things you can't do this with but we still want to know how much we are paying for it. Milk, chicken, beef, it's all listed before we buy it.

Even our gasoline is posted, showing how much we pay per gallon. Same with natural gas. With this new billing system that our city came up with, we have no idea how much we are paying per unit for our utilities.

I see now in our Falls News-Press that our sewer rates are going to be going up, but how much are we really paying for this service? The old billing told us this information, everything was broken down, water, sewer, trash, electricity. So what is it that is so hard for this new high-tech billing system not to show what we pay for our services? We can no longer pay our bills online without being charged a merchant account fee. So much for being convenient and user friendly. I think we are going backwards. Mr. Mayor, please correct our billing and let us know exactly what we are paying for.

J. Alexander, Cuyahoga Falls