On May 2, 2017, Hudson City Schools will have a 1.5 mil, 5-year limited renewal levy for Permanent Improvement Funds (PIF) on the ballot.

In Ohio PIF funds are used for capital projects that will last five years or longer. This includes roof replacement or repair, parking lot, grounds and field maintenance as well as heating and cooling units and technology. Also, school buses and food service equipment are purchased with PIF funds. By law, PIF funds cannot be used for operating expenses.

Hudson Schools have utilized PIF funds for the above purposes since 1962. If passed, this renewal will generate about $1.38 million per year. As a past member of the Hudson Schools Citizen Financial Advisory Committee I watched the Hudson School Board and the administration carefully manage the funds which we citizens have provided for the education of our students. I have every confidence that the School Board and the administration will continue to use these funds to maintain our facilities, equipment and technology. I am voting for the PIF renewal and ask that you do so as well. This is a renewal there is no increase in taxes.

Ed Devlin, Hudson