After viewing the posts of Robert Kline (Stow Mayor Sara Kline's husband) on BP Politics at Facebook and observing Mr. Kline's expressed hatred, vulgar language, pornographic picture and anti- Semitism against Prime Minister Netanyahu, women and President Trump was disturbing at best and he revealed a clear lack of integrity.

The American people have witnessed radicals of hate in their opposition to the lawful election outcome: setting fires, breaking windows, even killing our law enforcement officers. Robert Kline's speech is hate speech and just another example of one that is unable to express himself intelligently.

The total disregard for the law, total hatred for those who do not believe the way they do has been frequently demonstrated by radicals of hate since the Presidential election. The speech and actions of these people is just a sign of their depraved minds.

That Stow Mayor Kline did not condemn such hateful, filthy talk and a picture of porn displayed by her husband tells me that she is not offended by such talk. You can love your family as she says but you also have a moral obligation to stand up to hate, racism and vitriol being publicaly spewed and urge that person to get some help. That Stow Mayor Kline did not sternly condemn such talk to the public reveals something about her character and beliefs.

Mary Mumper, Stow