Gov. Kasich wants to change the law to require teachers in Ohio to complete externships with local businesses in order renew their teaching licenses and keep their jobs.

I have a better idea. We should change the law so that all of our state representatives and state senators are required to complete an externship in a public school located in the district they serve. They would have to teach full time for one grading period, under the full supervision of a licensed teacher, of course.

Those who fail to meet this requirement would be barred from voting on any legislation that impacts public education and removed from any committees that are related to public education. They would have to serve this externship when first elected to office, and each and every time they are re-elected. If they do not hold a bachelor's degree, they can serve as a classroom aide to meet this requirement.

After spending a few months in a classroom, they might return to the State House able to make intelligent decisions impacting the education of Ohio's children. I would happily open my classroom to any lawmaker brave enough to step up for one full grading period.

Craig Mancuso, Stow