Responding to the Our View on a piece on proposed legislation for extending voter registration that ran in the Hudson Hub-Times on Feb. 15, I am very surprised a reputable publication would be supporting this legislation without the concomitant need for changes to the Ohio motor vehicle regulations.

We, the American citizens, have the best system of governance in the history of mankind. Self-governance applied through the original outline set forth by our founding fathers has brought safety and prosperity to the people of this country in the shortest period of time compared with any other form.

To give access to the most powerful weapon on the planet to anyone in the world seems outrageous to me. The right to vote in America should be held in the highest of regards by all fellow citizens and not extended to others without consideration of allegiances as well as their understanding of our culture and laws. That is why the restriction on this right exists.

So, if we have to be finger printed and have a background check to exercise our second amendment right of protection, why would anyone want no required proof of citizenship to vote? If we are going to automatically register a person to vote when they apply for an Ohio driver's license, we must require proof of citizenship at that time. Otherwise, the rest of the world will be at our door voting for more "benefits" from Ohio taxpayers.

Bob Medcalf, Hudson