I'm writing in response to the article referencing State Auditor Dave Yost's analysis of our financial health, (Feb. 15, "'Critical,' 'cautionary' outlooks in fiscal study of city.'")

There is much to be learned from this report as we consider the upcoming income tax issue. The proposal on the May 2 ballot will not raise taxes on Macedonia residents thanks to Councilman Bilkie's innovative plan to credit residents.

Yost's report shows significantly declining income tax revenues for Macedonia, a drop in the city's net assets, and not surprisingly these issues lead to a challenge in balancing the budget. Additionally Yost references cities like Macedonia deferring investments during the recession. While that was the responsible choice at the time now we have to play catch up.

Voters need to acknowledge the real funding challenges we are facing with infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. Macedonia isn't the first city to face these challenges so we can look to nearby communities like Maple Heights, Garfield Heights, and others to see what will happen to Macedonia if this levy fails. Services will be cut, facilities and roads will further deteriorate and inevitably our property values will fall.

I've met with our Finance Director Rhonda Hall and reviewed the budgets on our city website. We need this levy to pass. That is a statement no one who has seriously analyzed our financial reports can dispute. Call City Hall, attend an upcoming community forum, and analyze the budget yourself. If you have questions contact our finance director and get the facts. But you absolutely must vote "Yes" on May 2. Say yes to Macedonia. Maintain our city. Preserve our property values. Vote "Yes" on May 2..

Melissa Granke, Macedonia