Donald Trump is our president and the emperor with no clothes. He states what's on his mind without subterfuge.

He is provocative, profane, coarse, insulting, mocking those who disagree with him. He displays little compassion.

Here is a wealthy guy admitting he paid to play political games with his real estate empire. He now turns against the very political system he states is unfair to citizens. Did he get religion in the last two years? He now wants to save us from the elite political system, blow it up, and yet lead as the president of all the people. This is confusing and unnerving!

Much needs to be changed, but does it help by insulting a judge who issues a stay of an executive order so our collective heads stop spinning. Thank God for a strong judiciary and our extraordinary intelligence agencies keeping us safe since 911. There are no guarantees, but as citizens of this great country we still have faith in our democratic institutions.

Yet we must stay vigilant against demagoguery from Stephen Bannon and the belief that one man, Donald Trump, is the savior of our country.

Bill Libby, Hudson