The Falls News-Press published an article on Jan. 29 explaining the result of a "fiscal physical" recently completed by the Ohio Auditor of State.

All Ohio cities are given scores based on 17 separate criteria, and then rated critical, cautionary or positive. Eight percent of cities were rated positive in all 17 areas, while the other 92 percent of cities had at least one area of concern. The city of Cuyahoga Falls ranked in that 8 percent, receiving positive marks in each category. To me, this is the clearest indicator that there can be about the financial health Mayor Walters and his administration have brought to Cuyahoga Falls. As a taxpayer and resident, I expect that my tax dollars are being used to help push this city forward, and that looks to be exactly the case here.

I want to thank the finance department and Mayor Walters for showing the fiscal responsibility that we all demand from our elected officials.

Wendy Welsh, Cuyahoga Falls