In the fall of 2014, the primary goal of the Cuyahoga Falls City School District forums was to communicate with our community and examine how, when, and where we plan to modernize our school buildings.

What happened? At any cost, some promoters wanted to demolish and build new buildings. It was their only option.

Meanwhile, during the fall of 2016, I asked the promoters to define terms not defined in the Ohio School Design Manual.

I asked for clarifications of the cost, time, and quality of the education to be delivered in a renovated vs. new building.

I got no reply to my questions.

But, I did get verbal comments of disdain -- as the promoters started to bully me -- systematically.

Since the definition of 'systematic bullying' is not universal, here is a definition.

It must meet the first three of five criteria. The bully(ies):

1. Has the power/status over the victim(s) -- who have less power/status;

2. Intends (not by chance) to diminish the victim(s);

3. Repeats the bullying -- systematically;

4. Expects to get a future reward; and

5. Triggers mild to severe emotional, social, or physical trauma in the victim(s).

A bully may act to:

1. Openly attack a victim -- physically or verbally;

2. Direct groups to bully;

3. Enable groups to bully;

4. Victimize residents, voters, students, teachers of all ages;

5. Operate in a physical or cyber space; and

6. Spread rumors to defame a victim's character or reputation.

Thus, the victim feels manipulated in friendships and relationships.

Anger, fear and stress float freely in the community.

If not stopped, a bully can cause social disorder and exhaustion.

I believe that if the "systematic bullying" is left to continue in our community then our ability to develop higher levels of communication is likely to shrink.

Lou Schott, Cuyahoga Falls