My sincere thanks to Stow City Councilman Bob Adaska for his quick response fixing the hole on Berkshire Road and for his help with the nine street lights that are out on Hudson Drive.

Ohio Edison does not seem concerned about the safety of drivers using Hudson Drive. The nine lights have been burned out for months and Bob has reported it to Ohio Edison repeatedly. The excuse from Ohio Edison came back that the crews work days and do not notice the street lights that are out. I tied a yellow ribbon on all the poles that have burned out lights.

Next excuse?

Many people living in the area know Jerry the man in the motorized wheel chair. He travels this area often and sometimes when it is dark out (and with no street lights) it is hard to see him along the road. Some of us recently gave him protective vests and hooked up lights on his wheelchair but that is not enough.

It would be nice if Ohio Edison got the lights fixed before he gets hit by a driver unable to see him along the dark road.

Come on Edison, no more excuses -- just fix the street lights. While you're at it we have requested two lights on Springdale along the bike route. Bikers, joggers, and walkers are often on this stretch of the road, but there are no street lights.

Ed Davidian, Stow