On behalf of the David Hudson Chapter of Questers, an international organization dedicated to preserving buildings and landmarks of historical interest, I wish to speak out against the demolition of the Hudson Middle School on Oviatt Street.

In the 1940s, villagers anticipated the annual crowning of the May Queen on the front lawn of the high school, (present middle school) which then housed grades six through 12. As a sixth-grader I remember preparing for a dance to honor the queen, as each grade did. No one knew the identity of the senior girl until she walked up the walk, bedecked in a white dress, to the steps to receive her crown. Memories like this lead me to speak out, along with the Quester group, against the proposed demise of a landmark in Hudson and a familiar and attractive sight in the neighborhood. It was wrenching enough to witness the removal of the Oviatt Grade School.

Quester member Barbara Hanna suggests that the middle school be built near the high school and offices move to the old section of the present location. Advanced middle school students could attend classes at the high school and other interactions could occur.

Joan May Maher (retired teacher in the Hudson Schools), Hudson