As the president of Triad Communications and the owner of The Foundry Building in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, I was fortunate to be asked to accompany city officials and other building and business owners on a site visit to Oak Park, Ill., Valapariso, Ind. and South Bend, Ind. on Jan. 20-21.

I was amazed and energized by what I saw happening in those cities and what they were able to accomplish by having the foresight to move forward with their long-term strategic plans in their communities. I couldn't help but be encouraged by the open-minded approach of our local officials and their willingness to look beyond the boundaries of Northeast Ohio to other communities to imagine what downtown Cuyahoga Falls can become for its residents and its businesses.

The opportunity that awaits the residents of Cuyahoga Falls is obvious and can be seen "in action" just a half-day's drive away. Just think what will happen when it is right in our own backyard: Downtown Cuyahoga Falls!

Rick Krochka, Akron