Last week Sen. Rob Portman tried to allay the concerns of Ohioans who are "worried" about the Republicans' plan to repeal the ACA, telling Ohio Public Radio that the Medicaid expansion will be transitioned into something new.

Obamacare's repeal is continuing to chug along with Portman on board, as nearly 1 million Ohioans worry whether their coverage will be ripped away. If the ACA/Obamacare is repealed, based on current legislation: 32 million will lose healthcare; Premiums will double; lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions exclusions will be in effect; young adults won't be able to stay on their parents plan until age 26; consumer healthcare costs will increase more, and faster.

If Portman doesn't want Ohioans to worry, maybe he should stop playing coy and reveal this "something new?" It would be nice to know the bill number and read a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the plan.

All we know now is that the Republicans' plan will result in 32 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage and premiums doubling. Repealing the ACA will do nothing to reduce spending and will actually raise costs for many working and poor people.

The insurance market has steadily increased overhead and the "free market" has done nothing to reign in the cost to consumers. Let's get to the root of the problem instead of playing politics with people's lives. Until we know the replacement plan and how many people will lose out, we have every right to be worried. Portman and the GOP are replacing care with chaos.

Melissa Granke, Macedonia