Over three years years ago at a public hearing I mentioned (and showed photos) that tons of dirt were being drained into The Preserves at Valley View's lake from Faith Fellowship Church's property. Mayor Kuchta was unaware of it prior to the hearing but said it is a serious problem. He assigned looking into it to a department head that sloughed it off.

In August, 2016, I sent photos and wrote to Mayor Migliorini expressing concerns over the possible future development of what is now named The Reserve at North Woods. In November, the paper wrote about the proposed development and stated there are drainage concerns. Nevertheless, the planning commission gave initial approval and now I see that on Jan. 9, they gave unanimous approval for the development. On two occasions I called the mayor's office and left messages, but never received a response.

The church made hundreds of thousands selling dirt for highway projects to the state and may make close to a million selling over 40 acres to a developer. The developer will make thousands by building and selling 83 housing units.

The lake in The Preserves has a clogged-up mouth and eastern shoreline. During the next 3-5 years of construction, additional tons of dirt will continue to devalue the attractiveness of such properties. The city's inaction will let responsible parties off the hook while the innocent homeowners association may have to assess thousands to its members. It is time for Macedonia City Hall to protect residents' interests when the city deals with developers.

Loren Eisner, Macedonia