Ohio communities and culture have been strongly shaped by the climate. However, because of global warming caused by our heat-trapping emissions, drastic change is in the future. Severe heat in the summer, intense storming and flooding are new dangers to our production of agricultural goods.

I favor a carbon fee and dividend that should be implemented across the country. Imposing a carbon fee is enforceable, transparent and effective in transitioning to clean energy. This fee will give all businesses a strong incentive to reduce their carbon emissions, become energy-efficient and remain competitive.

The dividend will be returned to American households in the form of tax rebates to help stimulate the economy. To ensure there is no outsourcing of goods and services to places where there are more permissive regulations on carbon emissions, a Carbon-Free-Equivalent Tariff will be charged for goods entering the country without similar carbon fees.

Regional Economic Models Inc. suggests that if this policy is put in place, carbon emissions would be reduced by 50 percent of 1990 levels and 2.8 million jobs will be added to the American economy. Voting for legislation and congressmen who support this fee and dividend will slow climate change and stabilize our economy.

As a concerned Ohioan, I urge you to support this policy.

Rachael Schwartz, Aurora