Over the last several years I have created a large Christmas lighting display and 2016 turned out to be quite a memorable one regarding my lights in a number of different ways. For the second year in a row I entered the Cleveland.com Best Lights in Greater Cleveland Contest and this year made it into the final three and then I won the contest, thanks to a great number of very nice people who voted for my lighting display on numerous occasions.

It was really quite exciting and I encouraged people who came to see my lights to pull into my driveway this year. I also decided it would be fun to go out to meet people who pulled in and offer them candy canes. I met a large number of people filled with the Christmas Spirit and had wonderful conversations with many. All the comments of appreciative for my display that I received made all the work of putting it up that much more worthwhile.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making my holidays so special, thanks to all the kindness they have shown me. I also want to thank the News Leader for publishing a picture of my lights. I already have new stuff for next year and look forward to meeting more wonderful people and seeing some of those I met this year again next year.

Don Rambacher, Northfield Center