The Aurora Advocate reported recently that City Council enters 2017 with a $1 million surplus. I agree with the changes the city will institute to boost the local economy, but I also request that City Council consider important changes toward increased safety.

There are four stretches of Aurora roads that are so dark they are dangerous to drive on at night, especially when the driver is faced with snow, ice and rain.

They are: (1) West Pioneer Trail from Bissell Road to Route 82 (area near AHS is sufficiently lit). (2) Entire length of Bissell Road from Aurora-Hudson Road to Route 43. (3) Aurora-Hudson Road from Leighton School's entrance to I-480 in Streetsboro. (4) Route 82 from West Pioneer Trail to Herrick Road and the Twinsburg border.

I have been driving for the past 30 years, and even for an experienced driver, these two stretches of roads are difficult to navigate at night because of the lack of lighting and blind spots from hills, deer or curves on the road. We cannot do anything about the road's curvature and hills, but we can use the city surplus to install bright lights every 100 yards.

Aurora has many electric posts along the three stretches of road to facilitate adding more street lights.

City Council members, please consider reserving a fraction of the 2017 budget to install street lights to ensure the safety of Aurora residents, especially our youth who are just learning to drive and our senior citizens who may face more visual challenges than the average driver.

Let's not wait for a preventable accident before instituting these proactive, and potentially life-saving, changes.

Hindit Kwon, Aurora