Stow Sentry's Our View states. "We've slipped a little in 2016...[W]e pray that you rediscover the goodness of humanity."

Curious. Stow Sentry slipped? Our local officials slipped? Ohio slipped? Our nation slipped? Did you slip?

It's one thing to cling to the notion of the "better angels of our nature." It's another thing to realize evil exists, to recognize evil, to resist evil, and to contain evil.

I suspect the presidential election 2016 and the totality of circumstances surrounding the campaigning, the media influence, the propaganda, the blogs, the effect of political correctness - these influence and more - contribute to the notion "We slipped a little."

The idea of humanity can be used as a ploy to tug the hearts and minds of people. Everybody knows crimes against humanity. We are humans, but no person represents humanity. We are punished or rewarded individually. We are, foremost, individuals endowed with unalienable Rights.

People content with eight years of President Obama likely resent Hillary Clinton was not selected to continue Obama's legacy. The Trump voters are bigots, racists, deplorables. How in the world did Hillary lose?

They say Hillary didn't lose. She won the popular vote. The Electoral College is an antiquated institution. It's unfair.

Slowly the notion of political correctness crept into the national dialogue. People who support political correctness pooh-pooh political correctness stifles free speech.

Those rotten, evil, racists who slam political correctness are evil. They crank out fake news.

This is a serious divide. President Trump's every move must be monitored. He is unfit, dangerous. Obama says if he'd run against Trump, he defeats Trump. Slam dunk.

Well, if we talk of slippage, I prefer to drop the "better angels" suggestion. A good start would be to read The Declaration of Independence, the ascendant notion of individual rights.

Jim Skeese, Stow