My personal holiday challenge - when spending time with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors this holiday season, please put your cell phones away!

It is extremely rude constantly responding to messages or checking Facebook excuses. Give the human beings who are sharing the air you breathe at that moment the decency to be fully present with them in the room or the car, the office or the restaurant, for just a little while. A little old-fashioned eye-to-eye, as opposed to eye-to-screen with an occasional glance, is the greatest gift you could give those with whom you have agreed to break bread.

Full engagement in the moment, is the most wonderful present of all. So shut the darn things off and you will...Have a merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, happy new year!

PS. WWJD - imagine if Jesus was distracted - or Moses or Mohammed or Buddha... Or your drill sergeant or Spock!

PSPS. Imagine how you did the friendship or relationship thing before you owned a cell phone - -do that.

PSPSPS. Some exclusions apply: 1. You don't like the person you are with. 2. You don't know how to communicate to your date that you want to break it off so you want to motivate him to do it himself. 3. You truly believe that you are so indispensable to your adult children that whatever the issue is - you, dear smother - are the only one who can solve the problem and that time is of the essence. 4. Your great aunt with whom you have not spoken in 14 years is in hospice. 5. You don't really like your job that much. 6. You truly do disrespect the person you're with - having cellphone in hand and at the ready has been proven through research to be the most effective technique for communicating lack of respect.

Katherine Szerdy, Hudson