How can I describe the past year? It's difficult to narrow it down into one word. Actually impossible. What do you think of when you think of 2016? I'm going to go alphabetically and come up with 26 words.

AWESOME -- My son, who beat brain cancer, turned 4 this year.

BITTER -- Many people were not happy with our presidential election results.

CONTENTIOUS -- Here's hoping we can change contention to cooperation.

DEADLY -- Here and abroad, there were fatal tragedies on a large and small scale.

ENERGETIC -- Americans continued to consume sugar and caffeine in various forms.

FRIGHTENING -- I thought driving in the fog last Saturday was especially frightening.

GREATEST -- America and its Greatest Generation recalled the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

HORRIBLE -- The Syrian boy in the ambulance reminded us war is hell.

INSANE -- Our next president once starred in a reality show. Insane but true.

JOLLY -- There were some fun times. Let's not forget them.

KNOWLEDGE-FILLED -- We were electronically bombarded with news -- real and fake.

LAME Kind of like this column, but hey whatever. (That was lame, too.)

MAGICAL -- The Cleveland Indians' near-World Championship season.

NERVE-WRACKING -- Would the Clintons return to the White House?

OPIOID-FILLED -- We've got to work harder to reduce drug overdoses next year.

PERFECT -- As we write this, the Browns are two losses away from an 0-16 season.

Q -- Where Cleveland sports history was made in 2016.

RARE -- The Super Moon made a rare appearance.

SUPER -- Comic book heroes continue to dominate the movie box office.

TERRIBLE -- Lives and property were lost in wildfires around the country.

UGLY -- Election campaigns got ugly.

VICTORIOUS -- Again, we're proud of our Cavs and Indians.

WONDERFUL -- Count your blessings. We are fortunate.

X-TRA -- Extra special challenges await us in 2017.

YELLOW -- The color of the sun, which will come out tomorrow.

ZZZZ -- Rest up for 2017. It will be filled with good and bad. Be ready for both.


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