I wanted to say

thank you to the Hudson and Stow football communities on behalf of our team and the FCA Chapel for your unbelievable support of the Bucket Brigade for the Brotherhood for Andre Jackson. We were able to raise the remaining funds needed for the funeral, $500 for the Cleveland food bank in Andre's name, and we still have $1,715 left over for Thanksgiving meals for families in Hudson and Stow. To see our players reach out beyond themselves and serve someone that they didn't know is such a blessing and gift. To see our community do the same is overwhelming. Thank you so much for being a part of this wonderful gift. I hope we are better and more open to the needs of others as a result.

This gesture doesn't remove the pain for the family, but I know they are so appreciative of our community reaching out and helping them in their time of need. In a world today, where we seem too anxious to be cruel, divided or ignore the needs of others, it was a blessing to see the best in people as they care for each other. Thank you for that gift. It has also been a reminder how precious life is and to be thankful for each day.

I am thankful to be a part of this community.

Dave Tiley, Hudson