Dear Twinsburg,

This is a very difficult conversation to have, especially when things seemed to be going so well.

For nearly a year, you've been the willing canvas to my imagination, as I helped you and your people come to life in a very public way. I want to thank you for that.

I remember the first time I saw you -- really saw you. Not just as a place to drive through on my way to shop or meet friends for lunch in Solon, Hudson, Macedonia or Streetsboro.

I fell for your beautiful town square -- Township Square, actually -- surrounded by a mishmash of Victorian houses, little shops that have been around forever and Starbucks. I watched as it filled with people honoring your brave, fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. I was surprised by the number of adults, teens and entire families who roamed the Square trying to "catch 'em all" at the height of the Pokemon Go craze.

Your library became one of my favorite places. In fact, I'm sitting in a quiet room there as I type this letter.

I love that it is such a big part of your community, offering programs for every age through adult -- including fun programs that I would never expect at a library, like cooking and Zumba and sewing.

You showed me your people, and I was amazed at how such diversity could work together for the greater good.

Some seemed leery of me at first, eventually welcoming me, if not always my questions.

And I did have a lot of questions. I questioned your leaders, artists, business owners, teachers, safety forces, parents and even your children. It seems that for everyone I met, I had a new set of questions. And their answers became the colors I used to create sketches of your community.

As wonderful as it was, it's over, Twinsburg.

I hope that I have given you one-tenth of what you have given me. I hope that I have made you laugh and think, kept you informed, and maybe, occasionally, shed a tear.

Believe me when I say there isn't anything you could have done to stop this day from coming.

You, and your flaws, are perfect.

I love you, Twinsburg.

You will always have a piece of my heart.