we were away from our home in Cuyahoga Falls from 7:30 to 9 p.m. and during that time intruder(s) kicked in our front door, searched through our dressers and closets and stole our valuables which, unfortunately, will not be able to be replaced.

And sadly, they also took our sense of comfort, safety and trust which, at age 71, will not be able to be fully restored either. If these person(s) are your relatives or friends or neighbors, then please let them know that they are heading down a path to a dismal future and they need to get help for themselves for whatever demon is driving them to steal from others. Better yet -- could you please help the community combat crime like this by giving any information you have to our law enforcement so they may continue to do their good works and possibly stop these events before they happen? We would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.

Joe and Marge Conley, Cuyahoga Falls