It is my favorite season of the year! I love the crisp air, the cool evenings, the clear skies, and the beautiful leaves changing colors. It is also a great time because school is in full swing, and I get to work with the best staff, students and community in Ohio!

One of the best parts of working in Nordonia is enjoying the wonderful relationships we have with our local safety forces. The professionals that serve our community are frequent visitors to our schools and great role models for our students. These folks play an active role in our Crisis Committee, and support us in so many ways. It would be impossible to give enough thanks to our local law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

Our patrolmen from Northfield Village, Sagamore Hills, Macedonia, and the Summit County Sheriff's Office always respond quickly to any emergency calls we may have.

However, we are most grateful for the ample time they spend visiting our students and schools when there are no emergencies at all.

I am sure it is not uncommon for you to see police cars at any of our buildings when you drive by during the day. This is almost always because the officers are simply checking in and visiting, building trusting relationships with our students.

They visit classrooms and the cafeteria, participate in field trips and field days, and are generally just visible reminders to our kids that our community resources work together.

While each police force has its own jurisdiction, we have asked them to visit buildings not in their own territory. For example, you might see Macedonia Police at Nordonia Middle School, or Northfield Village Police at Rushwood Elementary. This is because we want our students to know our officers from each community. When students advance from building to building, we want them to have familiar faces who they trust.

We feel this will make it more likely for students to report potential problems before they become serious issues. If you see policemen in any of our schools, make sure you say "hi" and thank them for the wonderful work they do.

Community Drug Awareness Night: As you know, the opioid epidemic sweeping our nation is tearing communities and families apart. Before you watch the election returns on TV, please attend the Community Drug Awareness Night being held at Nordonia High School on Tuesday, November 8 from 6-9 p.m.

The entire community is invited to watch the powerful film Chasing the Dragon, presented by the FBI and DEA, who will be in attendance. Following the film, there will be several breakout sessions covering a variety of topics. There will also be a resource fair featuring many local treatment agencies, mental health agencies, and other support groups with giveaways and information.

Community Drug Awareness Night is being held on Election Day, but you will be home well before the election results are final. Please consider attending, and bring your family and friends. I hope to see you at Nordonia High School on Nov. 8.

Parent Tech Talk: On Tuesday, October 4 the district held a Parent Tech Talk event in the High School's Google Lab.

The purpose of this event was to help parents learn more about how Chromebooks are being used in the classroom as well as educational resources that can be used as home. Parents from across the district attended and we had about 40 parents in attendance for this.

Teachers from various grade levels, as well as our technology department, presented specific online resources our students are using on a regular basis as part of our Nordonia Chromebook initiative.

Parents in attendance learned about using the Google Classroom app for them to stay connected to what is happening in the virtual classroom and how to sign up for email notifications with Google Classroom as well.

Parents brought their child's Chromebook to class and were able to participate in hands-on applications of typical classroom projects using technology. It was evident parents enjoyed this experience!

There was time after the event for individual parent questions as well as time to try out other online resources with our teachers. This event was very successful and we are anticipating hosting another Parent Tech Talk event in the spring as well.

As always, thanks for supporting the Nordonia Schools, have a great month, and remember to follow me on Twitter @DrJoeClark.