I can't believe

what is happening in our professional sports. If it's not the use of drugs or spousal abuse or disrespect for our flag and the wearing of apparel denigrating our policemen, then what's next?

I can't believe that the NFL hasn't done anything to take care of these problems. These players make millions of dollars and they really aren't punished in any way for their lack of respect for our flag and policemen.

A lot of men died for that flag and this great country, which also allows these young men to play the game and be paid millions of dollars. Then they disrespect our flag by not standing.

There should be consequences for their actions. Fine these multimillionaires; hit them in the pocketbook.

These types of demonstrations will eventually creep into the colleges and into the high schools.

If the NFL is not going to do anything, then we as a society can do something, and that something is not attending their games.

Watch what happens if we do that. Of course, I don't think that will ever happen. Enough said. God bless America.

Bernie Hovan, Northfield Center