Having read the letters in the Sept. 21 and Oct. 5 editions of the Advocate, I wanted to weigh in with some information about Aurora Memorial Library.

I appreciate Ms. Novak's support in encouraging action to secure funding for our library. Likewise, I greatly appreciate Ms. Sulzberger's letter in support of our services and staff. We all appreciate the support that the community has shown throughout our 50 years of operation.

Portage County District Library, of which the Aurora branch is a part, is among the 24 percent of Ohio libraries that operates solely on funding from the state. Neighboring areas, such as Hudson and Twinsburg, have local tax levies in place to help fund the library.

In many libraries, these local tax levies account for 40 percent to 60 percent of total funding. To put that in terms of per-capita revenue, Hudson operates on $130.51 per year, Twinsburg on $111.03 and PCDL on $19.43.

That gap in funding not withstanding, we work to provide the community with the best possible service through partnerships and innovative services.

Some of this is through books, music, and movies (both here and shared across the state) as well as online research databases, ebooks, and streaming content.

The support we receive from groups like the Friends of the Library and Aurora Library Trust helps us provide events such as our summer reading programs, which brought in roughly 200 people a week this past summer.

The Aurora branch works with groups with which we share a building -- Aurora Historical Society and Aurora Community Theatre -- to cooperate on events. We also value our partnerships with the Aurora schools and Chamber of Commerce, because a good public library isn't just an anchor of arts and education, it is a part of the community, and it is an investment in the future.

Jonathan Harris,

Aurora Library

branch manager