happened to civil discourse and respect from our elected officials?

Our politicians are supposed to represent us and they ultimately report to us.

The democratic process affords us the right to get involved, voice our opinion and have a debate. It doesn't, however, allow us or our politicians to name call, and lie about either an issue or a fellow resident.

We find this happening from the presidential race all the way down the ballot right here in our community with our local leaders.

It has become very clear that our elected leaders (both city and School Board) no longer know how to work with one another.

They are elected to do the people's business but it seems every time you read the newspaper or go online there is another story about how they can't work together and are more interested in being right and making the other guy look bad.

We have to change our course as individuals and as leaders within our community.

When there are elections, the eventual winner has to govern. It seems like we don't understand this -- we don't understand how to reconcile and to come together. We are losing our decency and our civility.

Is this the price we are willing to pay -- that we are so willing to divided ourselves as a nation and a local community just to say that we won?

We have to work together, which means anyone that wants to have a voice should be respected and listened to, not ridiculed.

We need to change course and this needs to start with our local leaders.

Be the example of how to act and work together for the greater good instead of always trying to be right or make the other guy look bad.

Take that step to reconcile and strengthen our community.

Russ Mazzola, Northfield Center