Steve and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. I am still feeling the glow of being surrounded by family and friends who have given us so much love and support over the years. It also made me reflect on our lives and changes we have seen over this 50-year adventure. There is a quote that says, "the days are long, but the years are fast."

We left our wedding reception in Connecticut, boarded a train for a one-day honeymoon in New York City and then got on a plane for Corpus Christi, Texas, where Steve was in Navy Flight School. Phone calls were expensive. A long distance call was something special. We limited our calls "home" to once a week. One of our first purchases was an encyclopedia from a door -to -door salesman. I had always wanted an encyclopedia. My parents' reply was always the same, "They are too expensive, where would we keep it and you can go to the library!" Well, it was too expensive for a young military couple, we hauled it around the country as we moved from place to place, and I loved it! This past weekend son David held up his smart phone and said, "Do you realize that all of the world's knowledge is in the palm of my hand?" All the knowledge and he can call anywhere in the world without the dreaded long distance words. It is often said that our world is getting smaller and smaller because of instant communication, but I think our individual worlds are getting bigger. I am a friend of Facebook, a fan of email (haven't learned to Tweet yet) . Modern communication has expanded my world far beyond Silver Lake and Northeast Ohio. I have reconnected with nursing school classmates, high school classmates, Navy friends, cousins, the list goes on, in a way that was impossible 50 years ago. Letter writing took time and stamps and phone calls were expensive. Next Door Silver Lake is a new way for villagers to connect. It is a free, private social network for use on your phone or computer. Neighbors post requests and ask for assistance. Everything from prayer requests to items for sale are posted. It is neighbors helping neighbors in our new world of electronic communications. Go to if you are interested.

The Village Garden Club is gearing up for the Fall and Holiday Season. The Annual Style Show will be Oct. 11 at Silver Lake Country Club. Fashions will be presented by Cynthia's Boutique. Seating begins at 11:30. There is a cost to attend the luncheon and fashion show.

The Scarecrow Workshop is Oct. 15 at the Service Department. This fun family project is open to all. Bring old hats scarves, whatever apparel a scarecrow would be proud to wear. The scarecrows will decorate some of the islands around town. The Garden Club maintains the flowers and seasonal decorations on the village's 26 islands.

Fall Leaf pick-up will take place between Oct. 24 and Nov. 30. Halloween Beggars Night will be Oct. 29 between 6 and 8 p.m. Turn on your front light if you have treats to share with little ghosts and goblins.