Do you think

Hudson would allow a dollar store at First & Main? In an Aug. 28 article, Stow City Planning Commission invited residents of Stow to attend an open house to look at drafts of zoning of selected areas. I attended the Sept. 27 meeting with about 20 other residents. On seven zoning maps, residents voted on possible development ideas and were able to leave specific feedback.

What was so important about this meeting was not the zoning areas. It was the undeniable, universal feeling that the residents of Stow seem powerless over what types of businesses are permitted to build in our community. Using a recent example: The new Dollar General Store built on Fishcreek and Stow roads. This was easily explained as, whoever owns the property can sell to whomever they'd like as long as it meets the zoning criteria.

Hence my opening question about the city of Hudson. Stow is stuck in the "dollar store rut" smack in the middle (literally) of Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge and Kent. All of which are growing and building attractive, beautiful community friendly places to gather, people watch, eat ice cream, walk around and enjoy their families close to home.

Well, Stow, it's our turn. We do have the power. We can decide. We will be our own advocate and start letting City Council know that more fast food and dollar stores are not our future.

Most importantly, let's rally together and attend City Council meetings to let them know exactly what we want. The next meeting is Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. in City Hall.

Julie Root, Stow