Our current

unconstitutional means of supporting our schools taxes our real estate property in ways that can have a devastating effect on homeowners who have lived and prospered in the home they now occupy but get little in return for their many years of productive work.

Those who have retired are living on an income which is relatively fixed in numerical terms but that is being eroded by an inevitable inflation and taxation driven by the current absurdity in Washington. To burden them with supporting the fiscal irresponsibility of our school system is, or should be, criminal.

Our local politicians are strongly endorsing the passage of the confiscatory school tax levy. They endorse the levy instead of proposing more responsible solutions to providing excellent education for our youth. They all want to take the easy way out by using gross sums of money to provide cushy jobs for them and the administrative personnel of our schools. I'm sure the politicians see the school levy as a precursor to their continued extravagant existence. They should be held responsible the next time they appear on a ballot.

The people of Tallmadge had approved an expensive bond issue in 2012 which we will be paying for the next 30 years or more. To continue pushing for additional levies is a direct insult to the voters of Tallmadge. We have said no and will continue to say no.

Let us pay off the existing loans before committing to additional ones. That level of responsible intelligence seems to be missing from the Tallmadge education machine. Do the math folks. What are these repetitive tax increases costing you? If you are so wealthy they are insignificant then by all means approve them again.

Douglas J. Mansor, Tallmadge