In our


and across Ohio, families welcome companion animals into their homes and find that their lives are better for it. Across all ages, abilities, economic, racial, religious and social backgrounds, our pets remind us of what is best about each of us: the capacity for kindness, love and compassion. Pets provide companionship to the lonely, assistance to those with different abilities, calmness in the face of anxiety over life's tragedies and unconditional love when we feel that we are not worthy of receiving it.

Because of this special bond with our pets, it is incumbent upon a caring society to ensure that when these animals are abused and subjected to cruelty that those responsible are held accountable. I am happy that the Ohio Legislature has taken steps toward that goal in recent years with passage of "Goddard's Law" and other measures which rightfully afford our companion animals with protection under the law.

I urge Ohio State Rep. Kristina Roegner (37th District), to support measures to protect our companion animals in the future. This is an issue that I am confident enjoys broad and widespread support in Stow and area communities -- from Democrats, Republicans, unaffiliated voters and non-voters.

I believe our community is best served by support for issues surrounding protection for our companion pets. This is an issue that my family feels very strongly about and I believe is important to families across Ohio.

Sara Kline, Stow