I write to

encourage all Tallmadge citizens to vote for Issues 43 and 44 for our schools. These issues are being presented to voters after a long process of data gathering, thoughtful consideration and community feedback.

The financial data shows these bonds are the fiscally responsible decision for our community. As a Tallmadge graduate and now Tallmadge parent and school volunteer, I have seen how our school buildings have been used to within every inch of their life and how carefully they've been maintained. It is time to invest in our buildings and athletic facilities. By doing so, we invest in our students and therefore our future. We expect our teachers and administrators to perform at the highest levels, and we need to hold up our end of the bargain by giving them the resources they need to do that job. We can't ask them to "get by" and "make do" on one hand and provide a world class education on the other hand. By investing in our schools, we also create and maintain value in our own properties. In comparison to many of the other schools and athletic facilities in our area, we are falling to the back of the pack. If we expect families to continue to buy and build homes in Tallmadge rather than other communities which now have better facilities for their children, we need to give them reasons to do so.

I know and trust the people responsible for my daughter's education. They are professionals of the highest caliber and are fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. When they tell me there is a need, and they have researched the best solution, I believe them. I fully support bond issues 43 and 44 for new pre-K through 8 buildings and a high school athletic campus, and I hope that you will, too.


(Kochan) Gutman, Tallmadge