of Columbus would like to hank the customers of Acme Store 10 on State Road and Acme Store 12 on Bailey Road and the members of St. Eugene Church on Munroe Falls Avenue.

Their spirit of generosity on the weekends of April 29 and 30 and May 6 and 7 helped make our Measure-Up Campaign a great success. The Campaign was conducted by the Cuyahoga Falls Council 2362 of the Knights of Columbus along with several non-member volunteers. I coordinated the campaign.

The $2,920 collected at the stores and church along with $205 donated by members of the council as part of the Gimme 5 Program were sent to the state office of the Knights of Columbus in Columbus. This week, 80 percent of the money was divided equally between Hope Homes Inc. and Area 10 (Weaver) of the Special Olympics of Ohio; the other 20 percent will be distributed by the state office of the Knights of Columbus to statewide programs for citizens born with developmental disabilities.

On behalf of the beneficiaries of the money collected, a heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the Measure-Up Campaign.

Bob Goulish,

Chairman, Knights of Columbus, Council 2362