I recently had

the unfortunate experience of attending the Cuyahoga Falls City Council meeting on Sept. 6.

My friend and I went to address the mayor and his cabinet on where sponsorship monies to IROK disappeared to and to find out why it took a Ward 8 resident a year and a half to get a water bill. Like the majority of the 200-plus residents in attendance, we mainly wanted to hear the explanation from Mayor Walters and his staff as to why they have been unable to issue accurate utility bills to the residents and business owners in our city. Those in the room sat in stunned silence as we learned that no parallel testing was done on the billing system prior to bills being issued and the person in charge of utility billing had no experience in this area. This was not information that was volunteered by the administration, but thankfully only came to light upon the direct questioning of Council President Mary Ellen Pyke. The main resolution that the mayor offered is that he would be willing to keep the billing office open to arrange extended payment plans to allow residents to cover the overcharges over time. (What about a corrected bill, mayor?)

The worst part of the evening was when residents on fixed incomes, direct withdrawal payments, in public housing, on Social Security and business owners testified as to how they were harmed by the management breakdown.

We both have worked in the business world for many years. If this type of poor planning, execution and lack of responsibility happened in our world, someone would be held responsible. No one in the mayor's administration took responsibility and the mayor apparently is holding no one responsible. Maybe that job is being left up to the voters.

Terry Mader,