I have done a

little research on school buildings in the area. It looks like Mogadore is using a remodeled high school building for students. Copley added on to their old high school and is still using it for classes. Nordonia is still using the original high school building I attended in the 1950s for middle school.

I am sure these buildings needed new roofs over the years and new windows. These projects were done, probably using monies raised by levies. And I could never object to a levy for such things. Neither would I object to millage for teachers' salary increases and to employ a new principal to allow Ms. Davis to devote her skills to only one building. We all know how hard it is to teach these days.

But I still can't agree that remodeling our current solid buildings which have stood the test of time as reported by Principal Davis in the last Express. Not enough outlets? Need a bigger panel? Heavier service? All of that would still be paid for in the cost of a new building. Why not save the cost of the rest of the building and put in a new heating/AC system? We would have to buy one for the proposed new building, anyway.

I addressed the desire for open classrooms in a previous letter. Let me inform you that when that concept was tried in the 1960s, there were kids shouting across to their friends in the multi-classes that they had then; and paper airplanes were sailing. Team teachers spent more time keeping order than actually teaching. Other classes not involved in said presentation or activity could not hear the audio visual they were getting in their areas. How will today's kids hear each other in cooperative learning groups, with all the other groups buzzing around them and some needing to make louder noise because of the nature of their projects? These problems were solved by putting up walls in the 1970s to make barriers. Open classroom, like open office, was deemed a failure.

One final note: We are experiencing a small ripple in childbirth as a result of the baby boom years ago. Soon that will be gone. Then the question will be, "What do we do with all the extra room that we are still having to heat and cool?"

Thomas Kever, Tallmadge