C.O. G., Council

of Government. What is it? I had never heard of it until Sept. 20, at a joint city council meeting of Stow, Tallmadge and Cuyahoga Falls where it was proposed. The presenters explained that it is a select group of people "Council" made up of possibly mayors, city employees, and or civilian residents.

The presenters didn't reveal who would select the members for this special "Council." This "Council" would be a legal entity that writes its own governing constitution and by-laws, hires, fires, and negotiates with the "Council's" employees about salarys, benefits and work statues. This "Council" would spend a budget of several million of our dollars (the source and actual amount they didn't reveal) and these people would be accountable to no one but themselves. The "Council" would not be elected or recallable by the voting public or anyone.

Do the residents of Stow want a "Council" autonomous, self-serving cell spending our money and running the city's safety forces communications?

I certainly do not.

Joseph Mumper, Stow