My family

has lived in Tallmadge for 16 years and for those 16 years, I've been very impressed with Tallmadge City Schools. That's why I am in full support of both bond issues the district has placed on the ballot.

Our oldest son graduated in the top 10 percent of his class and had obtained enough college credits to be considered a sophomore when he entered college, thanks to the AP classes he took.

Our younger sons are both juniors and both play sports. One of them is attending Stow-Munroe Falls High School a half day for the culinary program. Tallmadge High School has provided my sons with whatever they wanted to focus on, from academics to athletics to career and technical education.

Another great asset to our schools is the teachers and administrators who work in our district. They've always been supportive of the families and students and help ensure our children receive a quality education.

Our students are affected by their learning environment, and by not improving the schools, we are essentially saying we don't think they deserve better. Our stadium is in embarrassing condition, and finding parking at an athletic event is terrible. Our high school football players have to find a ride to the middle school or take the bus to go to practice.

When people are looking to move to a community, one of the first things they tend to look at is the school district. That's what my family did, and Tallmadge's wonderful school system convinced us to move here.

Residents should support both bond issues on the Nov. 8 ballot. They will benefit the schools, the city and the community as a whole, not to mention the children. Let's all come together to support the district that has supported us for so long.

Dianne Drummond, Tallmadge