In America, we

are given the right to vote as stated in the Constitution of the United States. Is this such a big "right?" Well it is if you do not have it, like in some countries even today. One stipulation though -- you must be 18 years of age to vote. You are supposed to be "of age" by then, old enough to help make decisions affecting all of the citizens of America. All citizens, including children.

Children are those citizens younger than 18 who count on us to do the right things for them. That includes voting for bond issues to replace outdated and inefficient school buildings and outdoor areas. Where children go to school and the condition of that facility is your responsibility as a citizen old enough to vote.

You as a voter have a lot of responsibility to those who are unable to vote for things that affect their present and future lives.

Voting is your right. Voting right is your responsibility. Please vote for Issues 43 and 44 on Election Day.

Joan Trent, Tallmadge